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Where comfort meets convenience, Waafi Residences offers a living experience that harmonizes elegance with practicality.

Waafi Residences

Embrace coastal luxury at Waafi La Corniche Residences situated in the picturesque Venice Road. Enjoy spacious accommodations with spectacular views that define upscale living.

Waafi Residences

Experience the heart of Djibouti with Waafi Residences City Center, ideally located just a short drive from the airport. Our refined apartments offer modern amenities, seamless comfort and convenient access to the city’s vibrant life.

Dedicated residential parking

Eco-friendly environment

High-end materials

24/7 support

Gym Access

Safety and security

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Enhance your visit with us and discover a world where luxury and comfort converge. Learn more about the vision and expertise that shape our vibrant community.

Types of Apartment

Explore our variety of apartment types, each designed to cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences.

Services and Amenities

Waafi Residences provides a comprehensive array of services and amenities designed to offer convenience and comfort to every resident.

Football court

Unleash your energy on our full-sized football court, perfect for both casual play and competitive matches.

Gym access

Stay fit and active with 24/7 access to our gym, equipped with the latest fitness technology.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Dive into relaxation at our luxurious swimming pool, a serene oasis designed for leisure and lap swimming.

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A Glimpse into Waafi Residences

Immerse yourself in a visual journey through Waafi Residences with our detailed video showcase. Delve into the unique ambiance and bespoke design of our apartments.

Experience Our Apartments in 360° Virtual Reality

Our 360° virtual reality tours offer a unique opportunity to explore our luxurious apartments in exquisite detail. Experience the layout, design, and ambiance of our spaces as if you were physically there.

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